SSY Teachers

Our intention is to train you in a way so that you can experience truth within yourself in order to become an authentic guide who can help people to find their own truth, true happiness and openness to the guidance of Higher Self and Mother Earth.

Julia Marisol Fajardo Falero

Marisol Yoga Teacher

E-RYT 500, RYT 500
Founder of SSY / Director of RYS 200 Program

At the age of 10, Marisol left her parents’ home in order to live with her first spiritual guide. She remained under that guidance who helped her to remember her divine connection until age 17. During that time, she learned about Bhakti Yoga, the loving and devotional relationship with the Supreme. Her first Vipassana retreat took place in 2000, unveiling a new sensitivity and embodied understanding of the mind-matter relationship.

This was also when she began her physical yoga practice. She followed various courses in order to deepen her practice and better serve her students. She completed her RYT-200 in 2009. In 2010, she studied in India with a dear friend, Yogacharya Tonmoy Shome, and learned to integrate healing mantras into her teaching and practice. In 2014, during her stay in India and Nepal, she followed the path of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, Southern India, studying for a RYT-300. In 2015, she studied Vinyasa flow style at the School Yoga Institute in Guatemala earning another RYT-300. She is currently studying the alignments of Iyengar Yoga to deepen her practice further. She also has studied Munayki healing energy, crystal therapy and Reiki, which she practices whenever someone needs help.

Her enthusiasm leads her to believe that everyone can be mentally and physically healthy. Marisol sees yoga and connection to Mother Nature as therapy for the soul and body.

Michael Lobsiger

Born: Frauenfeld, Switzerland When Michael was just 7 years old, he moved to Canada with his family to start a new life. He grew up farming and working with his hands. Loved playing in the dirt and being outside. Very independent growing up in the country side. Michael was quite shy in school and struggled learning English the first few years. After he graduated high school he realized he wanted to get in touch with his soul and leave his old friends behind. He traveled to Peru and studied yoga with Marisol at Sembrando Semillas con Yoga near Cuzco. After the 200hr teacher training he traveled throughout Peru learning about the Incan culture when he suddenly fell ill due to appendicitis. When arriving back in Canada he studied Natural building and sustainable agriculture. He did a 10 day Vipassanna retreat in Ontario. Always staying focused on his yoga practices Michael has traveled throughout Europe and Canada finding out his true passion. He studied wilderness skills at a survival school and worked at summer camps with teens. Now Michael is studying Ayurvedic medicine and Tantra, he continues his yoga practices hoping to teach and share his knowledge with others. Recently Michael’s biggest motivation is his health and desire to share the beauty of the world we live in.

Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis is a medicine woman and holistic therapist. She is also a master in reflexology, Tuin Na massage, aura color therapy, yoga, Reiki, guided active meditations, removal of entities, medicinal healing songs, dance and movement, and crystal healing. Over the years, Genesis has developed her own therapeutic style that balances a combination of personal patterns, emotions, duality, elements, and animal powers. Her primary focus is on sacred feminine healing and personalized amulet therapy where necklaces and bracelets are made with specific stones.

Carol Hormazabalt

Carol specializes in sound healing circles. The subtle vibrations of various instruments lead one through an internal journey process where profound transformation of one’s health and well-being takes place. During the yoga retreats, Carol leads the early morning mantras. She is also a professional photographer and visual communicator, creating students’ great memories.


Eleven years ago, Stéphanie fell in love with Pisac, with its beautiful valley, and her new life begun ever since. Learning, healing, and rebirthing every day through the many medicines became the reasons she decided to stay here and share her life with healing massages and therapies with all the beautiful people she met. She dedicated her life to assist and help others in this transforming journey. For her, Thai yoga massage and energy healing are a caring way to share with people, bringing deep healing at different levels of being.