Upcoming YTT 200 Hours, Perú

Sembrando Semillas Upcoming Yoga Retreats

During 2018:    YTTC 200 Cusco, Perú

May 22.
june 22.
july  12
August 5 (Canadá) 300hours
r 31 200 h, and 300h
December Clombia 200h and 300h





19 February   200/300 hours
11  April   200/300 hours
16 June     200/300 hours
7 August      200/300 hours
5 October 200/300 hours
3 December 200/300 hours










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Om Nama Shivaya



Please read our schedule for 2017, in our program we try to help student discover their own potential, also guide you with humbleness for a more awake path, showing you in this schedule diferents ways to found happiness and full fitness, found your own divine connection with mother earth and Divine essence of light, to feel rooted and awake your own natural state.

Shcedule 2017