RYT 200 Course Information; Cusco Perú

What you will learn?


– Developing sensitivity of feeling one’s own alignment as well as for recognizing alignment and lack of alignment in others
– To know one’s own limitations during practice in order to ensure effectiveness and safety, for
oneself as well a for others
– To know which muscles and body movement are most important in each asana by experience
at practice.
– To learn to be concentrated and single-minded (dharana) during one’s practice for a deeping ofthe asana performance and for assessing one’s progress.
– To establish FLOW in one’s practice and to be continuously aware of respiration and to calm
the restless mind.
– To know what it means to perform a posture well in accordance to one’s own possibilities and limitations.
– Every Asana shall be become an internalization of consciousness, a meditation over the
feelings arising within the body in order to connect to the truth that the body knows and
– To know how to work with Ujjayi respiration and to know how to apply bandhas during the
practice of Asana.
– To know the names of the Asanas in Sanskrit as well as the English translation.
– To get well established in the Asana sequence practiced and to know it by heart in order to
create flow during practice.

Proper understanding of the mechanics of Pranayama and Meditation
including benefits and risks
– Establishment of the physical and mental condition to practice pranayama and meditation in
the proper way in order to sustain personal practice after the training.
– Being able to properly guide others in different pranayama and meditation techniques.

Showing the capacity of maintaining an undistracted and dedicated pranayama practice for
longer periods
– Being able to sit still without distraction for longer periods.
– Developing the right view of how to deal with mental as well as physical distractions during
– Developing a refined and sharp mind that is fit to explore the subtle inner reality.
– Development of detachment towards the mental content, or untouched and unmoved witness Consciousness


Good understanding of the concepts of Prana, Nadis, Chakras, Koshas
and Kundalini.
– Knowledge of how to apply this understanding to ones own practice and to the guidance of others.
– Understanding of how the yogic tools actually transform our energetical constitution,
influencing our physical, emotional, mental and intellectual layers.
Basic knowledge of the most important muscle groups and good
understanding of the different types of body movement

– Understanding of how to identify the key muscles and alignment principles in each pose
– Understanding of how to use muscle activation combined with alignment for safely exploring
and guiding Asana practice – Getting a feeling for when and how to cue posture
– Being able to identify and correct wrong alignment and faulty posture
– Being able to provide safe alternatives for limitations.
– Getting a deeper feeling for the types of movement, alignment and muscle identification
– Being able to sequence and design a class for certain body limitations
– Understanding of how certain Asanas relate to and support each other.


-Corrections are provided for each teaching session and each student individually.
-Gaining more ease and confidence as a teacher
– Improve Wording and Voice Projection
– Develop clear Verbal Cuing as well as Confident and Correct Hand-On Adjustments
– Establish a strong presence as a teacher
– Improve your overview of the group practice
– Learn to balance demonstration and assistance, as well as talking while demonstrating
– Teaching Skills for large groups, small groups or private lesson
– Learn to teach from the heart with love and kindness
– good understanding of how to create, design and lead a yoga class
– understanding how to grow as a teacher and how to learn from each class
– understanding the importance of self-reflection and self-assessment
– developing a refined view on class structure, sequencing and one’s role and responsibility of leading a class.

All is inclusive during the training, you don’t need to worries about money, just come and relax, take this time for you, you deserve it !!!
Our school is proved by Yoga Alliance so the sisters can teach anywhere in the world.
We offer you two differents types to do your teacher training
Prices: Included:

Machupicchu 2 nights 3 days- YTTC 200h 22 days, ( food is not included during 3 days of Machupicchu travel)
INCLUDED: Full Yoga philosophy, SEQUENCE of postures(asanas), Anatomy, alignements, teaching each other yoga etc, International Yoga certification, 3 therapies ( Hypnotherapy, Thai massage, Theta healing), Temazcal, Cacao Ceremony, reiki initiation, making a natural product, laksmi ceremony, tabaco ceremony (intentions and manifestations for life) herbal baths, chakras balance, healing your inner child awake the woman, the female initiation rite first menstruation, healing with crystals, meditation(awareness of the breath and the body) Yapa mala, one silent day, nidra yoga, etc, all inclusive, food an accommodation

YTTC 200h, 22 days   YTTC 200h, 22 days without 3 therapies ( Hypnotherapy, Theta healing),

Prerequisites for the RYT 200 YTTC

Our trainings are open to individuals of all yoga abilities. We humbly request that training participants set an intention to devote their time, energy, and learning toward the process of growing in love as a teacher and as a student. Prior to the training, please read over the Yoga Manual that you will be able to download from the web page.

Style of Yoga
Yoga Style

The yoga style at Sembrando Semillas is raja yoga and vinyasa flow with an Iyengar influence. This means that there is a fluent, flowing change with a rhythmical breath between properly aligned postures, as well as grounding through a firm and stable meditation seat, Pranayama practice, the cleansing of the mind, and introspection. The sequences works on the whole physical body, nervous and endocrine system as well as on the harmonization of every chakra and channel of the subtle body.

The following are included in the Teacher Training Course (TTC):

  •     Approx. 200 hours of Yoga Training
  •    Accommodation
  •    3 Meals a Day
  •    Certificate of 200 hours YOGA TEACHER TRAINING for Registration as RYT 200 through Yoga Alliance
  •    Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  •    An Andean Offering OR a Vedic Agni Hotra Fire Ceremony
  •    Preparation of your own natural cream
  •    Ayurveda teaching cooking food
  •    And much more surprises

Group Yoga

    TTC Course Schedule

       Course Schedule for 22 days is from 6.30 am to 8.00/ 8.30pm, total approx. 200 hours.

      (1st day arrival and opening, 22th day closing and departure, Sundays are half days and just breakfast are included)

Typical YOGA Daily Schedule:


6.00 wake up, preparation before start

6:30am Guided Meditation/ Pranayama and Mantras

8:15am Breakfast & Rest

10:00am Yoga Philosophy

12:00pm Morning Asana Sadhana

1:15pm Lunch & Rest

3:00pm Afternoon Asana Sadhana

6:00pm Dinner

6:30pm Yoga Philosophy / Yoga Anatomy

7:30pm Pranayama Sadhana and Meditation

8:00/ 8.30 Rest


Our trainings are unique in that we emphasize small, intimate settings. Groups are about 5-9 students with around 2-3 teachers per training. Each student receives much personal attention so that even with little prior experience he or she will be able to succeed as a yoga teacher.

Yoga Retreat

The training has been designed to allow you optimum time to dedicate your energy full time to practice, study, and self-observation. During the week, your schedule will be tight; Sunday afternoons are the only times that allow for excursions to town and for travel.

During the training, we emphasize living within a natural environment as we practice yoga; therefore, there is no smoking, alcohol, medicinal plants, or meat allowed.

Yoga Retreat Accomodation

Accommodations are shared with a maximum of 4 people in one room. Bathrooms are communal with dry, compostable toilets and hot showers available depending on the amount of sunshine.


We are located in the mountains outside of Cusco at an altitude of more than 3800m above sea level.

Dry Season (April – October): It is hot during the day (25C), freezing at night; no precipitation during May – September. Warm clothes are recommended for the nights!

Wet Season (November – March): Rain is to be expected almost on a daily base. Usually, it is sunny and then it rains for a few hours; warmer nights, no frost throughout the season.


We are certified by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School 200 Hours (RYS 200). When you graduate from a training with us, you are able to apply for RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certification. This certification allows you to teach internationally since Yoga Alliance is widely acknowledged in Studios and Yoga Schools. 

Please check https://www.yogaalliance.org/yogaregistry for more info. 


Please contact us to inquire about the current total cost before your reservation. We only receive payments through Paypal or Western Union. We offer an early bird discount of $100 USD if you book 3 months in advance to the start date of the training.


1. Fill in an Application here: Yoga Teacher Application

2. Reserve your space by sending $450 dollars

– Through Paypal (+ 1.5 %) (sembrandosemillasconyoga@hotmail.com)


– Through Western Union to Julia Marisol Fajardo Falero

3   Afterward, we will send you the password to download the YTT Manual to study before your training begins.

4   Please pay the outstanding balance 30 days prior to the start date of the course.

– Through Paypal (+ 1.5 %) (sembrandosemillasconyoga@hotmail.com)


– Through Western Union to Julia Marisol Fajardo Falero.

Payment & Cancellation Policies


  • A $450 deposit per person is required to secure your reservation.
  • Full payment is due 90 days prior to the start date of the program.
  • If you sign up for a program less than 90-days away, full payment is due at the time of registration.

If you would like to set up a payment plan, please email info@sembrnadosemillasconyoga.org.

Every effort has been made to produce pricing information accurately. We reserve the right to correct errors.


All money will be refunded according to the following:

  • Full refund (except for a $250 processing fee) of tuition will be issued if you cancel 90 days or more prior to the program start date.
  • 50% refund of tuition will be issued if you cancel between 30–90 days in advance of the program start date.
  • No credit or refund is available if you cancel within 30 days of the program start date, if you do not show up, or if you leave a program early for any reason.

We also reserve the right to not pass people if they do not meet all the criteria for graduation from the program – in this case no refunds will be made.

Cancellations must be done in writing. Any refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving your written cancellation. You may email info@sembrandosemillasconyoga.org with your cancellation request.

Sembrando Semillas con Yoga reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. In this event, you will be given a complete refund, plus an additional credit of $350 towards another program, valid for 1 year. In the event that a natural disaster or other event causes a program to be moved or otherwise changed, SSCY will do its best to provide adequate substitutions and the program will continue; no refunds will be given if you choose not to attend or leave early.

Policy on Changing Programs

If you need to change programs, you may do so with a request in writing. You may email info@sembrandosemillasconyoga.org with your change request.

  • For changes made 90-days prior to the program start date, you will either be credited the price difference or pay the extra amount if the price is more for the new program. A $50 change fee will apply.
  • For changes made between 30–90 days prior to the program, you will not receive any credit for a price difference, and will need to pay more if the program you change to is more expensive. A $50 change fee will apply.
  • For changes made within 30 days prior to the program, you may need to pay more if the new program is more expensive and will also incur a $450 change fee.

ADDITIONALLY: Please note that SSCY reserves the right to all photos taken during teacher training programs and at our facility. 

Please read our schedule for 2017, in our program we try to help student discover their own potential, also guide you with humbleness for a more awake path, showing you in this schedule diferents ways to found happiness and full fitness, found your own divine connection with mother earth and Divine essence of light, to feel rooted and awake your own natural state.

Shcedule 2017