Yoga Teacher Training Cusco,Perú

We kindly invite you to spend 3 weeks in our yoga teacher training in reverence for life, prayer for all beings and study of the divine science of yoga in Cusco, Peru.

  • Have you been practicing yoga for years and decided to share its beauty and effectiveness with others? Our Yoga Teacher Training will give you the integrity and knowledge to teacher all over the world.
  • Do you feel drawn to a different, peaceful, and more natural way of life that brings you more in harmony with your surroundings? We are located in the beautiful sacred valley of Cusco Peru. we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers.
  • Would you like to sustain a transformation using the yogic tools to deepen your spiritual experience? Our yoga teacher training we has over 20 Years of experience teaching students from all over the world.
  • Would you like to overcome some physical or mental issues, attachments or addictions, in a process of physical and mental purification? 

Our amazing, adventurous, and intense 20-days of yoga teacher training in Peeú  allows for learning and awakening, looking inside and advancing your spiritual path, perfecting asana iyengar alignments, studying Patanjali’s Sutras and yogic theories, and, ultimately, healing through asana, pranayama, devotional mantras, and meditations. Connect with yourself and your roots in this Earth to transform your body and your mind.

With vistas of the Andes, Perú,  including the majestic and powerful Salkantay Mountain, our location just outside of Cusco in Perú allows for a quiet serenity with close proximity to a major urban center. Our rooms are simple and cozy. We spend most of our time practicing and learning in the Temple, which is constructed in a circular shape and is fully enclosed by glass windows allowing one to absorb the surrounding natural beauty of Mother Earth. We also learn inside an inspiring and purifying white “Hot Room,” which boasts a heater for chilly evenings.

The Andes are a magical place that allow for connection to the guru outside and within us all. The spirits of the mountain and the cleansing processes of our training foster a sense of community as we shed layers, tears, and blockages and embrace smiles and share love.

Through our course offerings, we will explore our consciousness and evolve from the heart. We will reconnect to Pachamama, Mother Earth, and uncover the depths of ourselves with a day of silence, a sweat lodge ceremony, and self-study. We learn from each other as we train in our physical practice and spiritual one with mantras, meditation, and pranayama.

Additionally, Sembrando Semillas Con Yoga is not just a yoga school; it’s a social project for the children of the surrounding Peruvian community too. We welcome multiple children into our center and teach them about yoga and meditation, recycling, art, and other subjects. We provide them with a safe space to be curious and nourishment of healthy vegetarian food. During our YTTC, students are surrounded by a world of karma yoga and the beauty of non-profit work.