Most of the work we’ve accomplished at Sembrando Semillas Con Yoga is through the help of our volunteers.

Yoga Center Volunteering

**We are presently seeking volunteers to focus on the construction of our new temple**

Short term volunteering

General activities include:

  •    general maintenance
  •    small constructions
  •    plant and garden caring
  •    Cooking
  •    general decoration
  •    cleaning
  •    documentation of activities

Weekly fee:  Short term Volunteering  200 Nuevos Soles  (70 dollars aprox.)

(the fee is used to account for food, workshop materials, rent, energy, transportation, tools, construction material, animal food, and other small projects etc.)

Working hours: about 4 hours daily, 5 days a week

Included: food, bed in a shared room.

Yoga Retreat Long Term Volunteering
Long term work-exchange volunteering

Basic Requirements:

  •    determination to fulfill your commitment
  •    advanced Spanish (for educators) and English skills
  •    openness to the spiritual life and daily spiritual practice
  •    abstinence from intoxicants
  •    selfless attitude
  •    non-violent communication skills
  •    problem solving capacity
  •    endurance, discipline
  •    experience and knowledge in the respective working area
  •    self-responsibility
  •    flexibility

We need volunteers long term

Preferably people are already settled in the yogic lifestyle and used to simple rural life.

Minimum commitment 3 months, preferably longer.

We can offer you high responsibility and freedom within your working field!

For more info, please see the information below