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We invite you to join us, and experience this extraordinary life changing 22 day Yoga Teacher training retreat.

Benefits include:  experience mind-blowing transformation and healing of inner beliefs, perceptions and limitations. Affording yourself the opportunity to grow, evolve, heal and let go of blockages that prevent one to shine while walking life´s path. While learning how to become a Yoga Teacher, you will also be guided through the different therapies, and these experiences will assist you to connect to your purest essence, igniting your inner light to sparkle. Be professionally guided and supported while developing awareness and awakening the self.  Upon retreat completion receive an International Certificate affiliated to and approved by the USA Yoga Alliance.

. As a Registered yoga school through the Yoga Alliance, we provide 200 hour and 300h training to students wishing to learn techniques to arrange physical and mental health through perfect Yoga alignment, daily meditations, observation of the mind and the breath, body cleansing, and knowledge of our subtle energetic anatomy. We hope to allow for students to remember their true self and to reconnect with the Earth and the universe.

Workshops and healings during the teacher training 200 and 300 hours

Crystals Therapy helps to balance and unlock Nadis (chackras), physical problems acting on glands and organs, harmonizing also mentally and energetically.

Active meditation practice is a process of liberation of emotions through physicality, connecting with the elements present in all Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

Sound Therapy energy healing through the vibration of voice and instruments, understanding that energy is the great force that moves all of creation. One can reach a vibrational state of emotional, physical and spiritual transmutation.

Reiki Initiation (Level 1 and 2) you can access the ability to connect with the universal energy to heal emotional and physical ailments in yourself, and in others too.

Traditional Thai massage which can relieve stress and tension of tendons, muscles, decreasing pain whilst strengthening the immune system defenses.

Theta Healing is a powerful brain wave healing technique. Theta is one of the five brain wave frequencies that are in constant motion in the human mind affecting consciousness.

Dance Therapy and the associated music helps one to release personal inhibitions, opening up to and awakening the freedom and respect of one´s body, and towards others too.

Cacao Ceremony accelerates and activate one´s evolution. Drop stagnant energies that no longer serve, healing and increasing one´s vibrational energy by stimulating the heart into a loving vibration.

Temazcal Sweat lodge cleanses and releases toxins, connecting with the womb of Pachamama (Mother Earth), allowing us to feel reborn.

Nidra  Yoga, a way of heal through full relaxation.

One silent day to know yourself and patterns

Preparation of a natural product, to encourage people to take care of their body, to live in a healthier ways

Liver cleansed with natural plants ( optional)




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Medicine and healing is all within yourself, come and discover your true healing nature


Please read our schedule for 2017, in our program we try to help student discover their own potential, also guide you with humbleness for a more awake path, showing you in this schedule diferents ways to found happiness and full fitness, found your own divine connection with mother earth and Divine essence of light, to feel rooted and awake your own natural state.







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