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Sembrando Semillas Con Yoga (SSCY) Social aid was our NGO founded in 2010 by Marisol and Christian. We served youth in the rural communities close to Cusco by transmitting a conscious, harmonious, and healthy way of life to children, a way that was based on an awakening consciousness through the teachings of Yoga & Meditation. SSCY Social Aid offered a creative education model with the vision of a sustainable living community. The local children came to the Yoga school twice a week to study yoga, meditation, English, recycle, art, paint, and much more. It was an amazing project as part of a non-profit sustained by the yoga retreats and volunteers.


Teaching of Love

 teachings  of  22 days program

   Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training 200h / 300h

Our every Yoga Teacher Training in the Yoga School help the students to become stronger and healthier,  and to rediscover their divine connection, the connection to their inner being. The participant is guided to remember the union with the entire universe and mother earth. This changes the student’s outlook on life, altering the state of consciousness, creating more harmony, goodwill, and inner peace.



Yoga Teacher Training




Please read our schedule for 2017, in our program we try to help student discover their own potential, also guide you with humbleness for a more awake path, showing you in this schedule diferents ways to found happiness and full fitness, found your own divine connection with mother earth and Divine essence of light, to feel rooted and awake your own natural state.

Shcedule 2017


E-Mail:  info@sembrandosemillasconyoga.org
Telephone:  +51 964-176-639

May the light keep your mind pure
May the light protect to you
May the light open your heart for compasión and love
May the light surrounding you and bring you to your natural happy state