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Since 2011, we have welcomed students from around the world with open hearts to share the knowledge and benefits of yoga. As a Registered yoga school through the Yoga Alliance, we provide 200 hour training to students wishing to learn techniques to arrange physical and mental health through perfect alignment, daily meditations, observation of the mind and the breath, body cleansing, and knowledge of our subtle energetic anatomy. We hope to allow for students to remember their true self and to reconnect with the Earth and the universe.

Our teachings in the Yoga School help the students to become strong and healthy, and to rediscover their divine connection, the connection to their inner being. The participant is guided to remember the union with the entire universe and mother earth. This changes the student’s outlook on life, altering the state of consciousness, creating more harmony, goodwill, and inner peace.

The intention of every Yoga Teacher Training  is that the participant feels alive, in harmony, connected with the surroundings, and that the dormant spirituality within shall awake. The instructors present the path of yoga as a spiritual and conscious way of living for the good of the individual human being and for the good of mother earth.

As part of the program, we offer a temazcal (sweat lodge) where the students have the chance to release all they don’t want to carry any more.

Our YTTC 200 hours and 300 hours are co-creative in different ways, we have diferents workshop throughout the course, such as reiki, crystal therapy for each chakra, learning to make natural creams, bonfires, a cacao ceremony, making your own yapa mala, and flower baths for energetic healing.

During the retreat we live like monks, solely focusing on practice and study.We wake up at 5.30 am and work until 8:30 pm.


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Please read our schedule for 2017, in our program we try to help student discover their own potential, also guide you with humbleness for a more awake path, showing you in this schedule diferents ways to found happiness and full fitness, found your own divine connection with mother earth and Divine essence of light, to feel rooted and awake your own natural state.

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