Social Service of Love

Our local children come to the Yoga school twice at week, they study yoga, meditation, english, recycle, art, Paint, and much more.
Our Project is a non profit, much of the profits of yoga retreats, help sustain the project of children and volunteers.

Currently we serve more than 15 children with vegetarian meals and creative workshops in the field of yoga, art, recycling, English etc.

Our school´s style is very open and flexible. We do not follow a strict schedule and try to adapt as best as possible to the childrens´ needs. The original idea in 2010 was to create a space of love for the children from the surrounding villages, where we could make the teaching of yoga and yogic lifestyle accessible.




Certified by Yoga Alliance


We welcome you, with open hearts and with high enthusiasm to share with you the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga.

Our intention is to show you how to become a yoga teacher, also you will be certified to teach by being eligible for Yoga Alliane registration after your graduation.

Students learn techniques to re-arrange physical and mental disorder by perfect alignment, daily meditations, observation of the mind and the breath, body cleansing, and knowledge of our sublte anatomy like nadis and chakras. Cleansing and purifying the body and mind help the students to re-member their true Self, reconnecting with earth and the universe.

Most students are reborn through the practices and knowledge of what yoga really is.

We teach with consciousness, our focus is on the ancient way of Yoga, as something medicinal. Our high responsibility, helping humanity.



Training Manual Update IV (including training schedules and much more) is online, download here:

Volunteer with Us



Sembrando Semillas con Yoga, WELCOME   volunteers from all around the world, to stay with us, and live togueter like a family.

Short term volunteering

General Activities:

  • child care
  • general maintenance
  • small constructions
  • plant and garden care
  • animal care
  • cooking
  • general decoration
  • cleansing
  • weekly food supplies
  • documentation of activities

Weekly fee: 200 Nuevos Soles (70 dollars aprox.)
(the fee is used for aliment, workshop materials, rent, energy, transportation, tools, construction material, animal food and other small projects etc.)

Working hours: about 4 hours daily, 5 days a week

Included: food, bed in a shared room.

Long term volunteeringDSCN1575

Basic Requirements:

  • determination to fulfill your commitment
  • advanced spanish (for educators) and english skills
  • openess to the spiritual life and daily spiritual practice
  • abstinence from intoxicants
  • selfless attitude
  • non-violent communication skills
  • problem solving capacity
  • endurance, discipline
  • experience and knowledge in the respective working area
  • self-responsibility
  • flexibility

We need volunteers long term

– educators, children care workers  (fluent in spanish!)
– gardeners (people who take care of the garden, trees, animals and vegetable supply / basic construction, and maintenance etc.)

preferably people are already settled in the yogic lifestyle and used to simple rural life.

minimum commitment 3 months, preferably longer.

We can offer you high responsibility and freedom within your working field!

Weekly fee: 120 Nuevos Soles ( 40 dollars aprox.)


What is Yoga?

swami_satyananda_saraswati_“Yoga is the art and science of living, and is concerned with the evolution of mind and body. Therefore, yoga incorporates a system of disciplines for furthering an integrated development of all aspects of the individual. When we start the disciplines of yoga we usually begin with the outermost aspect of the physical personality, the physical body.

Through the practice of the physical postures, or asanas, the spinal column as well as the muscles and joints are maintained in a healthy and supple state. Subtle massage takes place at the location of different glands, balancing many physiological abnormalities such as hyperthyroid or hyphothyroid problems, faulty insulin secretions, and other hormonal imbalances.

Pranayama, or breathing techniques, are important not only for supplying fresh oxygen and strengthening the lungs but because they have a direct effect on the brain and emotions. The emotional stability gained through pranayama frees mental and creative energies in a constructive way, and the child exhibits more self-confidence, self-awareness and self-control.

Relaxation, by withdrawing the awareness from the external environment, or pratyahara, reduces the stress of daily living experiences. Techniques of pratyahara affect all aspects of the individual, because physical and mental relaxation through withdrawal of the empirical awareness, and concentration, the focusing of attention, or dharana, are important elements of that technique.

Sustained concentration, or dhyana, is important for stilling the turbulent mind and channeling focused mental energy creatively. Equanimity in daily life can be experienced and later samadhi, the ultimate aim of all yoga practices, is brought about through constant repetition of yogic disciplines. The practice of yoga creates a balance in the total personality.”

– Swami Satyananda Saraswati